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Auto Brake Parts is a specialist brake supplier and brake repairer.

The braking system is the most important safety feature on any vehicle and it is critical that it is in good working condition. To ensure the safety of you and your family it is vital that you get the braking system on your vehicle checked regularly.

Warning signs to keep a look out for which indicate you have a problem with your vehicles braking system.
♦ A grinding or squealing noise when you apply the brake pedal
♦ A pulsating feeling when brakes are applied
♦ A spongy or soft brake pedal
♦ The car pulling to one side or the other when brakes are applied
♦ The brake warning light illuminating
♦ The brake pedal being hard to press

If your vehicle is displaying any of the above warning signs you need to have your vehicle’s brakes inspected immediately.  

At Auto Brake Parts we are able to perform the following on your braking system for most makes and models
Brake Pads replacement
Brake Disc and Brake Drum Machining or replacement if required
Brake Fluid replacement and System Flush
Brake Caliper Reconditioning or replacement if required
♦ Brake Lines/Hose replacement. We are able to manufacturer both rubber and braided brake hoses onsite.
♦ Brake Master Cylinder Reconditioning or replacement if required
♦ Brake Booster Reconditioning or replacement if require

Get a FREE Brake Inspection or book a Brake Repair.

An experienced brake specialist will inspect your brakes and carry out repairs as required*, ensuring your vehicles brakes are maintained for optimum braking performance.

* Repairs will only be done once authorised by customer.

Auto Brake Parts
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