Protex Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor



The Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor is precision balanced with a ground finish and high-carbon composition. This versatile rotor is built to withstand demanding off-road conditions as well as towing and heavy-duty use, while also being suitable for everyday driving.

This specialised rotor comes slotted with a custom 6 slot design offering increased stopping power and resistance to pad glazing.

Available in various vane designs according to your vehicle’s needs including including pillar, straight and curved. Our unique vane designs allow for better cooling to give you top performance at high braking temperatures

Like all our rotors, the Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor is coated with our exclusive Ultracoat Z360 formula, which prevents corrosion for a longer life. It also comes ready to fit with no cleaning required, for lower labour costs.

Driving Type: Daily Driving, Off-Road, Towing, Enthusiast, Performance



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