Protex Ultra

Protex Ultra

There’s a Protex disc brake pad for every car. A leading brand in Australia, Protex offers the single largest range of brake components available in the country today. Formulated to meet the specific quality, fit and performance requirements of modern passenger vehicles, Protex Disc Brake Pads are available for virtually every Australian, Japanese and European car built since 1990. Whatever type of car, whatever type of driving you do, there’s a Protex Disc Brake Pad to suit your needs and budget.

You can fit PROTEX ULTRA DISC PADS safe in the knowledge you are fitting a premium disc brake pad which will stop a vehicle effectively while delivering durability and quiet operation.

  • Manufacturing process utilises the advanced friction technology of positive mold – this ensures consistent compressibility and results in quiet operation and greater pad life
  • Protex’s premium ceramic formulation contains ceramic and copper fibres which are proven to dissipate heat
  • Protex ultra friction material remains stable under a wide range of temperatures ensuring consistent superior performance
  • Less abrasive formulation which minimises rotor wear – a primary cause of wheel dust
  • Triple layer advanced shim technology consists of a steel shim encased in specially formulated nitrile rubber to reduce pad vibration – a leading cause of squeal
  • Perform well from cold, with a stable friction coefficient up to 500 degrees

Is Protex Ultra the Right choice for your car?

To achieve the best possible braking performance and stopping distance, it’s important to match the driving style and the vehicle with the right brake pad formulation. You can select and fit the right Protex brake pad for virtually every application.

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