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Gulf Western Oil

Gulf Western Oil

Gulf Western Oil is the largest Aussie owned manufacturer of lubricants in Australia and was founded in 1988 for the sole purpose to design an oil specific to the Australian market.

Australia has embraced this concept and over the last 30 years Gulf Western has become a leader in their field. This has been achieved by adopting some of the leading programs in the lubricant market:

  • API (American Petroleum Institute)
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Management System Certification

Gulf Western prides itself in only using the highest quality virgin base oils and the most technologically advanced API approved additive systems allowing the company to hold some of the highest OEM approvals in todays market.

Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Premium Diesel Engine Oil

Full Synthetic Transmission Oil

Need an Australian made Premium Quality Oil for your car?

There are different makes and model of vehicles and they all require different types of oils.

Be sure that you use the correct oil for your car to prevent damage from using the wrong oil for your application.

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