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Brake Disc Machining

Why Brake Disc Machining is so important.

Car brakes take a lot of abuse and after thousands of braking applications brake disc typically will be showing significant signs of wear with the surface being quite damaged from the pads. Resurfacing brake discs is cost effective compared to the cost of new brake discs.

Brake Discs should be resurfaced when:

Brake pads are changed and new discs are not necessary. New brake pads should fit flush against the brake disc for effective braking. The smoother the surface of the brake disc the more efficient the braking of the vehicle will be and the bedding in time of the new brake pads will be reduced.

♦ There is evidence of brake vibration due to disc thickness variation (DTV) or excessive lateral run out which is more commonly known as warped discs and is a common cause of steering wheel vibration.

♦ Brake shudder due to friction material deposits on the brake discs is frequently mistaken for disc thickness variation (DTV). Resurfacing the brake discs will remove the layer of fiction material that has been left behind by the old brake pads.

♦ New brake pads are fitted to brake discs which have an outer lip “Brake Squeal” can result. Skimming the brake discs will remove the lip and there will be a flat surface for the brake pads to operate correctly against.

♦ Corroded discs can be a problem on cars that sit around for long periods of time. We see this happen with club registered vehicles which are not frequently used. Corrosion results in poor braking performance or imbalance and it is just plain ugly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all Brake Discs be machined?
All brake discs can be machined successfully, as long as they are not machined to or below minimum thickness. This includes cross drilled and slotted brake discs.

When must a disc brake be replaced and not machined?
Australian Standard AS3617‐1997 4.3 (b)(iii) ‐ If after machining the brake disc measures on or below the minimum thickness specified by the vehicle manufacturer, the brake disc shall be replaced.

Disc Resurfacing, Brake Pads
Resurfacing brake discs is cost effective compared to the cost of new brake discs.

Call or book to have your Brake Discs Machined

An experienced brake specialist will inspect your brake discs and carry out machining as required*, ensuring your vehicles brake discs are returned to optimum braking performance.

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* Machining will only be done once authorised by customer.

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