Protex 4WD

Protex 4×4 Endurance Disc Brake Pads

There’s a Protex disc brake pad for every car. A leading brand in Australia, Protex offers the single largest range of brake components available in the country today. Formulated to meet the specific quality, fit and performance requirements of modern passenger vehicles, Protex Disc Brake Pads are available for virtually every Australian, Japanese and European car built since 1990. Whatever type of car, whatever type of driving you do, there’s a Protex Disc Brake Pad to suit your needs and budget.

Designed and manufactured with the goal of meeting the challenge of effectively stopping 4WD vehicles, Protex 4WD brake pads are a certainty. Extensive testing in all conditions and the harshest terrains has produced only positive results. Innovative technology specifically matches each vehicle to its most compatible friction material, ensuring reliable braking performance.

  • Shimmed to reduce noise
  • Prolonged pad life
  • Effective braking even at high temperatures
  • Excellent fade resistance
  • Suitable for city, rural, towing and intrepid off-road driving

Is Protex 4x4 Endurance the Right choice for your car?

To achieve the best possible braking performance and stopping distance, it’s important to match the driving style and the vehicle with the right brake pad formulation. You can select and fit the right Protex brake pad for virtually every application.

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