Protex Ultra 4WD



Designed to withstand the challenging conditions of Australia’s tough terrain, our versatile Ultra 4WD Brake Pads are also suited to everyday driving.

The high-end ceramic formulation helps reduce dust and contains no copper, which is a better choice for the environment – particularly with off-road driving, since copper is damaging to our waterways. The multi-layer metal shim helps absorb noise for quieter braking.

Like all our brake pads, this product can be used straight from the box, saving on fitting time. This short bedding-in time is thanks to an optimised surface, created by heating the pads to a high temperature at the factory to remove remaining gases or resins.

Driving Type: Daily Driving, Off-Road, Towing, Enthusiast, Performance



Ultra 4WD Disc Rotor

Designed for tough off-road conditions, this high-performance rotor is suitable for both everyday driving and heavy-duty use.

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Ultra Ceramic Brake Pads

Well-known by mechanics, these high-quality ceramic brakes help minimise dust and noise.

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Ultra Ceramic Plus Brake Pads

Copper free with an upgraded shim, these high-performance brakes are also better for the environment

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Is Protex Ultra 4WD the Right choice for your car?

To achieve the best possible braking performance and stopping distance, it’s important to match the driving style and the vehicle with the right brake pad formulation. You can select and fit the right Protex brake pad for virtually every application.

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