Nolathane Suspension

At Auto Brake Parts we carry a wide range of Nolathane suspension components. Nolathane specialize in the design and manufacture of superior suspension systems. Whether you intend to build a Street Machine, Fast 4, go bush or simply drive to work, suspension bushings are the link between your vehicle and it’s springs, struts and shock absorbers. Suspension bushings provide the movement and/or mounting points in your vehicle’s suspension system.

Nolathane Suspension bushes

Nolathane bushings bring the following improvements to your suspension:

Outstanding abrasion resistance
High load bearing capability (4WD’s, utes and towing)
Increased tensile strength
Chemical resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering
Alignment correction via adjustable bushings

The Result:

Enhanced road holding, steering and performance
Less change in suspension geometry under load, braking and through corners
Longer suspension life and less repair time
Longer tyre life

Nolathane your Vehicle Today

With the Internet, information is readily available on how to maintain your car and the world is turning to DIY.
At Auto Brake Parts we understand there are many people who are unable to work on their own cars and require the products that we sell to be fitted, because of this we also offer a fitting service.

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