Most vehicle manufacturers recommend every 2 years as a minimum that during a brake service the brake fluid is completely replaced in the brake reservoir and flushed through the system. This is to prevent brake failure.

  • Brake fluid is Hydroscopic which means that it losses its effectiveness over time as it absorbs moisture. With the increase of moisture the boiling point of the brake fluid decreases.
  • Once brake fluid is contaminated with moisture it can rust your brake lines and if left unchecked this will lead to brake failure.
  • Old Brake fluid has a decreased boiling point due to contamination. With the heat generated during normal braking this can cause a loss of braking pressure or a complete brake failure.

This means your vehicles brakes could fail to stop when you need them most – IN AN EMERGENCY.

For your safety and other road users you should have the brake fluid replaced and flushed through on a regular basis.

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