Eagle 7mm Eliminator leads for BMW 3 3Li E3 – E76121


Eagle 7mm Eliminator leads for BMW 3 3Li E3 - E76121 read more
Eagle 7mm Eliminator
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BMW 3.3Li (E3)


Set of EAGLE 7MM ELIMINATOR Series Ignition Leads

BLACK in colour


BMW 3.3Li (E3) 3.1L (1974-75)

  • Engine Capacity: 3.1L
  • Carby / Fuel Injected: FI
  • Engine Type / Code: M29
  • Camshaft / Valve: SOHC
  • Spark Plug Boot Type: SPB-62

Note: Economy Boot Version. Please check details listed above to ensure correct fitment.



1 x Set of EAGLE 7MM ELIMINATOR Series Ignition Leads

  • Part No: E76121



A premium quality ignition lead set specifically designed as an upmarket replacement for SOHC and DOHC motors fitted with Boot and Tube component technology.

Being Eliminator series, they are fitted with 1300 ohms per metre Ferrite Spiral Core conductor which by induction design delivers peak voltage to the plugs ensuring almost complete combustion for super quick starts and smooth running. Leads are 7mm in diameter and available in BLACK only.


Boot & Tube Assembly Features*

  • “Finger Grip” Design ensures easy fitment and removal of Spark Plug Boot. (Where applicable)
  • Computer Aided Internal Boot Design allows the terminal’s contours to be faithfully reproduced eliminating any chance of crossfire.
  • Unequaled durability by utilising High Temp. modified Silicone compounds.

Terminal Features

  • Hi-temp Silicone Well Cover boot.
  • PVT insulator tube insulates plug terminal to prevent high voltage crossover.
  • Hi-temp Silicone Tip Seal.

Cable Features

  • High Memory spring steel retaining clip for positive terminal locking at all RPM’S.
  • Extra long .51mm base offers minimal heat transfer from plug tip to inner conductor. This ensures maximum cable life.
  • Triple cable retaining ribs and “W” shaped crimp ensure superior cable retention.
  • Simply “the best” Stainless Steel wound Ferrite coated Spiral Core conductor yields ultra low resistance ensuring peak voltage delivery to the spark plugs.
  • High Dielectric Silicone inner jacket.
  • Technologically advanced nylon tape adds tensile strength.
  • 260°C High Temp. modified Silicone outer jacket ensures complete protection against heat and engine bay contaminants.
  • Tested to ISO 3808 Standards.

Please Note: Above specifications may vary due to technological advances at manufacturer’s discretion.

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Warranty: This product comes with a 3 Year / 60,000Km replacement warranty. Warranty will be deemed void if goods have been abused, misused, tampered with, altered in any way, used for a purpose other than stated on the carton or fitted to a non street driven vehicle.

* Not required on certain vehicles.

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1 kg
22 × 19 × 9 cm
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